Residential Garbage Program

Recology Vallejo Garbage Cart
  • Use your gray cart for regular household garbage.
  • Gray carts are available in thirty-two, sixty-four or ninety-six gallon sizes.
  • Your cart is provided free of charge and is maintained by Recology Vallejo.

Bulky Item Collection
Each residential customer has two free bulky item pick ups per year. Each bulky item pick up is equivalent to 2 cubic yards or the size of ten 33-gallon bags of garbage. Please contact us for more information or to schedule your pick up.
Acceptable Garbage Materials
Only put un-recyclable materials into your gray container!
  • Ceramics, dishware, drinking glasses, Pyrex, porcelain, stemware
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors or window glass
  • Hangers
  • Scrap metal
Organic Material
  • Animal feces or manure
  • Food scraps
  • Lumber, dirt, rocks, plywood or particle board
  • Hardcover books or binders
  • Soiled papers, food wrappings, napkins, tissues or towels
  • Plastic bags or wrap
  • PVC or other piping
  • Styrofoam/polystyrene containers and packing peanuts
  • Toys, trays, cups, garden hoses

Unacceptable Garbage Material
Please do not place the following materials into your gray container!
Construction Debris
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt
Electronic / Universal Waste
  • Televisions, computers, cell phones, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury switches
Green Waste
  • Grass, leaves, tree and bush cuttings
Hot Ashes or Coals

Household Hazardous Waste
  • Paints, solvents, motor oil, cleaners, corrosives, fuel tanks - propane tanks
Recyclable Glass, Metal, Paper and Plastic
  • All recyclable materials